Whereabouts and what did you study?

I studied Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design at Leeds College of Art and graduated with a first class honours degree in June 2010.


What have you done since graduating?

I showcased my final degree collection at New Designers in London and from that got offered a job as an in-studio designer with a Manchester based studio. I worked there for 8 months, before leaving in May 2011 to begin Jessica Hogarth Designs. The business officially launched at the British Craft Trade Fair in April 2012 and has continued to grow since. Alongside the illustration side of the business I now co-run a shop in Robin Hood's Bay with my Fiancé Phil. Check it out here.


What inspires your work?

My rural, coastal upbringing has had a big influence on my work. I have a growing number of coastal themed designs, some of which are applied to a range of products. I also enjoy travelling to new and interesting places. I just love Paris, and things I have seen on my trips there have inspired a number of my designs.


How do you produce your designs?

All of my designs either begin as hand rendered pen illustrations on paper or I create black and white illustrations using Procreate. I scan or transfer my illustrations to the computer and then colour them digitally using Adobe Illustrator.


Have you always wanted to be a designer?

No, I think so far in my life I have wanted to be a vet, a hairdresser, a policewoman and most recently a musician! After beginning a music degree, I realised that design was where my passion really was and I left to pursue an art-based course.


Do you have any tips for someone wanting to begin their own design business?

Work hard and be passionate about your subject! Grant Cardone released a book called 'Be Obsessed Or Be Average' and I love that phrase. When building a business you will work long hours, wear so many different 'hats' and pour your heart and soul into what you're doing in order to make it a success.  

You need to get you and your work out there. A website or something where people can easily find your work is a must and I find social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter particularly effective for promoting my business.


Who are your design heroes?

I have a long list of designers whose work I adore, but these three are particularly high on my list!

Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co

Clare Caulfield

Ilona Drew 


Do you take people on for work experience?

Unfortunately I am unable to offer any work experience at the moment.


Can I send you questionnaires via email?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of requests, I am unable to respond to individual emails from students needing information for projects, or to those who need one to one advice about making their mark in the design world.  

Can I read more about you online?

I have been interviewed and written about a number of times online you can visit the following blogs to read a little more about me:

To be Inspired and again here

Pattern Observer


Watch this video which includes advice / info from 60 artists including me!