Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown New Wave Collective.jpg

Jessica was thrilled to have been selected to have her design selected for launch as part of the Graham & Brown New Wave collective. Jessica has always been inspired by her Yorkshire upbringing, and for this special collaboration, she chose to focus on the country rather than the coast. After an afternoon taking in the Yorkshire Dales and its pretty market towns, she set about drawing and focusing her ideas for the final art work. The end result is a colourful conversational print that can be enjoyed by many.


The print can be purchased from the Graham & Brown website here.




It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Jessica on the New Wave collective, from which the Yorkshire design was developed.  Jessica’s wonderful personality and enthusiasm shone throughout the project, as did her extraordinary and unique design talent.  Designing should be, above everything else, great fun and we had lots of that along the way.


Donna Riley, Graham & Brown