Blueberry Park screen printing workshop

A few weeks ago my mum and I drove to Leeds to take part in a screen printing workshop with the lovely Karen from Blueberry Park. I follow Karen on Instagram (well worth doing), and her creative energy is truly an inspiration. I don’t know how she works as fast as she does, as well as coming up with new quilt patterns and fabric product ideas every other day!

The class was kept to a small number of 4, which was perfect as there was so much to do in the day. Vicky and Chrissy, the other pupils were absolutely lovely, and we had a laugh as well as working very hard! I had done screen printing whilst studying my degree at Leeds College of Art, but not had chance to actually do any myself since leaving. Karen made me realise it is possible to create beautiful work from home, without all of the custom made equipment you find in studios like printing beds and posh troughs to wash down the screens. A hose pipe in the back garden will more than suffice.

It’s often difficult to find the time just to create artwork for the fun and see where it goes, as when freelancing there is always a brief or end goal in mind. It was great to be able to just experiment and come up with a print, just because I could! I love block shapes, and came up with a relatively simple cutout rectangular pattern that I’d transfer onto fabric, a tea towel and tote bag. All of us came up with completely different ideas, but all end results looked fab!

Anyway without further ado, Here are some pictures from the day, and then a couple of images that show what my mum and I have done since returning home with our prints!

Cutting out my design

Practise printing before the real thing!

Our screens in action

My finished bag

Since returning home I’ve been working on some new prints and products for my next trade shows which are the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate in April and Pulse at Earls Court in May. I decided to take my print from the workshop, re-draw it and turn it into a notebook. I’ve got a few new designs on order for this product, and you can see my screen print inspired design artwork jpegs below.

Mum is really practical and good at sewing, and she has made this cute wall hanging which is now in our kitchen!

You can read Karen’s own blog post about the fab day and see Chrissy and Vicky’s prints here.

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