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My lovely and very talented friend Ilona of I Drew This asked me if I’d like to take part in this, my first ever blog hop! 


Following on from me will be my friend Mel, from Mel Smith Designs, who you will be able to find exhibiting at the East London Design Show in December. 


Now, time for my blog hop questions and answers! 


Blog Hop - illustration work

What have you been making at your desk this week?

 This week (like most) has been rather busy! I’m heading off on a long weekend to Madrid tomorrow, so I’ve been tying up loose ends before I go. The main project which has been taking up most of my time, is a licensed design brief,  consisting of 24 pieces of artwork for paper craft products. I’ve been working with the client for a couple of years now, and it’s great to get stuck in to a nice big project and design a full collection. There’s an image of some of my original illustrations above, and then some of the designs below. 


Jessica Hogarth_ blog spot_envelope print

blog hop - travel illustration


blog hop - Jessica Hogarth illustration work  


Alongside designing, I’ve been busy organising Christmas and every day wholesale card orders. I’ve sent out a box of goodies to Hong Kong this week, and am also part way through packaging a large parcel destined for Canada (below)! 


Jessica Hogarth greetings cards


Where am I currently finding my inspiration?

I spent a couple of days in Manchester last week, primarily to visit the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair. My friend Jules, of I love Yuyu was exhibiting and her beautiful graphic products were really inspiring to see. I took some time to wander around the city centre too, and visit some of my favourite places for stationery. I was most impressed with what M&S had to offer (pic below), and I ended up purchasing a calendar for next year as well as some gorgeous Christmas cards. 

Nothing beats getting out and about taking in random sights and mulling over ideas, however when I’m confined to the 4 walls of my studio, I turn to Pinterest, where I’ve been looking at beautiful vintage travel postcards all week!


blog hop - M&S x mas cards


How important is being creative to you and how do you blend this with your work/life/family balance?

This is  really important, however I think it’s important to have time not thinking about creating new things and taking time to relax, not think about work, and spend time taking in things which might spark the next great creative idea! If I’m honest, my work/life balance used to be fairly non existent. I would rarely spend time at home and not work, as my studio was in the garden, so I’d be up at 3am working if I felt inspired! Since moving to a business centre in Whitby in august, I have much more clean cut working hours, and now take a bit more time to relax in the evening. I wouldn’t say being at home now means my brain isn’t switched on;  I’m often discussing my next design ideas with friends and family, but sometimes just talking about it is enough after a long day!


PS I’ve just found out I have been shortlisted for the ‘entrepreneur under 30’ award in the Scarborough business awards, which I’m thrilled about! 





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